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Cocoon - live tonight

New story goes LIVE tonight!

COCOON -- story by Paul A Newman, art by Clarissa Filice.

You might remember Clarissa's art from our first story, THE TOWER.  It's always a pleasure to work with Clarissa and I'm proud to present her work again!

by buffylove

a day late

Well, tonight was supposed to be the next update, but due to a hardrive crash it's going to come a day or two late.  Trust me though -- the story is worth waiting for!


by buffylove

First post

Hi, welcome to my webcomic, BOOK OF LIES.  This comic is different from most webcomics.  First, it will be a horror anthology title.  I will be uploading a COMPLETE NEW STORY every other Saturday.  Yes, a complete story all at once.  No waiting and reading one page a week.  Also you will notice there are prose chapters as well (with illustrations).  These prose sections will tell the history of the Book of Lies and more (I don't want to say too much until you get to read the first part).  For people who don't want to do all that word-reading, the prose sections will be labeled Chapters while the comic stories will labeled Stories. 

Also, I should mention I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to websites and web design, but I will be working to improve that so you will see lots of changes over the next few months as I learn and this site evolves.  For instance, since the main updates are only once every two weeks, I hope to add a separate section with movie reviews and cartoons and more to keep content coming during the gaps.  But that's in the future.  For now the site has Chapter One, in which I introduce a man, a library, and the Book of Lies, and the first four complete stories -- 25 pages of comics!

I hope you enjoy it, and coming is one week will be Story #5 -- "Beasts."

--Paul A Newman