The Library

first chapter in book of lies

The Tower

once there was a girl in a tower...


art by Henry Simon


A farm woman dumps her husband's body with the animal who become possessed by her abusive husband's vengeful spirit


A homeless man steals fillings from the dead for food

Safe and Happy Home

A woman falls under a horrible curse

The Greatest Food

A chef gets $1M to cook a meal for a client who hungers for human flesh


A man awakes in a giant cocoon and struggles to save his family

The Girl I Shouldn't Love

A boy falls in love with a mermaid with disastrous results

Pet Croc

a kindergarten student brings his best friend to class -- his 30 ft pet crocodile


a happy family's life is disturbed by a new neighbor


A girl marries a king only to fear for her life

Other People's Houses

A lonely girl goes to a dance, but when no one dances with her she takes a walk alone...

Many Tentacled Beast

In the old west, a old man finds a strange thing deep in a mine...


A woman inerviews a man who calls himself the world's greatest hunter...

Most Evil Painting in the World

A cult leader commissions portrait to let him live forever

Basilisk in the House

A boy brings home an injured lizard, which wakes up and begins turning his family to stone!

And So It Is Written

A tattoo artist begins having strange visions...

Imaginary String

When America goes bankrupt, it makes a drastic change to the national currency...

Dump Site

After killing his boss, a man plans to dump his body during a family camping trip, but the body attracts unwanted attention...


An ancient god rises out of a volcano and begins destroying a small village


ing everything in sight...

In Space

A salvage crew in outer space encounters an alien who tries to destroy the ship

Bloody Mary -- from THE BOOK OF LIES

A group of sorority girls throw a Bloody Mary party, not knowing the deadly figure from the urban legend would appear...

Being Other People -- in THE BOOK OF LIES

A married couple role play to add some excitement to their lives, however the wife doesn't want to go back to her ordinary life...

God of All Things -- in THE BOOK OF LIES

After the girl he loves married another, a boy sets out on a dangerous journey


While struggling to find a new hand to replace his decaying one, a Zombie finds a living girl and decides to try to help her get back to safety.


In an overcrowded, steampunk Manhatten, the elite couriers fly packages to their destinations. But they are still just couriers...

An Accountant's Vacation

A Victorian accountant takes his family on an adventure vacation to show to them he can be a heroic too...

Ancient Beasts

A farm boy who loves mythology gets wild, wonderful idea...

Gothic Ghost Story

A steampunk supernatural adventure

The Monster Beneath

Two men hunt a monster through the ancient caverns beneath New York City!

The Museum of Horrible Tastes

Four obnoxious yuppies stumble upon a strange museum...a museum dedicated to the worst tasting foods in the world.

Immortal Viking

A viking cursed with immortality tries to break the curse

Valley of Has'Logoth

In a frozen world, a small group struggle to find fuel to stay alive